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    8 Nov
  1. {First} {Last}

    {Your Street Address}, {City}, {Province or State} {Postal Code}

    {Phone}, {Email, preferably}, {Website, blog, LinkedIn URL}
    {Degree or Diploma Name} – {UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE NAME}
    Major: {Subject Name}, Graduating {Month} {Year}
    Qualification Summary

    {1st accomplishment you want the employer to definitely know about you – e.g., work-related, volunteer and other experiences?}

    {2nd accomplishment you would like the employer to know about – e.g., interpersonal, communication, writing, research projects / skills?}

    {3rd accomplishment you would like the employer to know about – e.g., things you’ve learned through your prior jobs?}

    {Computer skills, specialized software, database or programming experience?}

    {Attended any workshops, conferences, career enrichment programs?}

    {Any other special skills? Customize each line so that it’s targeted to the job/employer.}

    Relevant Experiences
    Sales Representative - ABC COMPANY, {Month} {YY} – {present}
    {Highlight your top 3 experiences - be it a paid job, volunteer or academic project work. For example, can you quote some solid numbers or percentages that can help quantify your job performance (your sales figures, perhaps)? Do you collaborate with colleagues to continually meet and exceed sales goals, evaluate and resolve conflicts or adapt to changing work conditions?}

    Customer Service Representative - STORE NAME, {Month} {YY} - {Month} {YY}
    {E.g., did you deliver excellent customer service to store patrons in a fast-paced sales environment? Resolved customer complaints in an efficient and courteous manner? Handled cash transactions accurately and responsibly?}

    Clinical Research Assistant - HOSPITAL NAME, {Month} {YY} - {Month} {YY}
    {E.g., did you present the goals of a scientific study to prospective subjects in a clear, concise manner? Did you maintain meticulous records of subjects’ medical history and safely handle sensitive and confidential information?}